I started painting in 1995 with Watercolors.  I lived on Cape Cod for 7 years and learned to paint with Pastels.  A few years ago, I started painting with Oils.  I have taken workshops with many top artists around the country.  I have traveled extensively to paint in Plein Air Events, National Parks, and recently, with Paint Outs sponsored by Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Plein Air Magazine.

I am not a professional artist; however, I do exhibit my paintings in local events.  I have sold paintings to private collectors and in shows and donated paintings to raise money for charity.  I have donated paintings to the Delaware Veterans Home and the Word War II Artillery Battery 519 Museum in Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware. I do paintings for my friends, for my fly fishing club, and as gifts.

I love to paint.  It’s a lot of fun.  Painting puts me in touch with God’s Creation in a much more meaningful way.  I see the light, the values, the color, the mood, the atmosphere.  I look at everything that I see as a potential painting.  As such, I see, thoroughly, the beauty of it all.  Thanks for viewing my work and I hope it has brought you a few moments of joy.